The Tennis Court Oath

About Revolution of Callisto

Callisto is a play-by-email game designed by Brad Murray and inspired by the early Braunstein games. In Revolution of Callisto, players will take on the roles of orators, revolutionaries, deposed nobility, and other characters as they explore what happens.

You play the game by sending in-character messages to the players on your character’s contact list, and they respond in turn. You CC the ref on all emails. If something your character actively does falls with your narrative authority, the ref will write up a news post incorporating that information, which will become true for all players.

The Rules of Callisto

The official rules of Callisto are available at a pay-what-you-want price.

However, while you should definitely support the excellent work Brad Murray put into designing the game, you don't necessarily need to read the original rules because I've summarized them as part of the rules specifically for Revolution of Callisto..

Joining the Game

If you'd like to join the game, just send an email to or use this sign-up form.