June 1, 2017

The Books from Previous Callisto Games

While we're waiting for this game to start, perhaps you'd like to take a look at what some previous games of Callisto were like?

Colony of Callisto

This document is the record of one of those games, set in a newly-settled iron-age Mediterranean colony. You can read along and watch how the innocious details spread across the entire colony, how a misunderstanding about a draft lead to a shortage of beer, where giant carnivorous birds come from, and what happens when your philosopher uses the wrong stimulants.

Tower of Callisto

Set on the Silk Road in a time of change, the players navigated the dangers of the desert, lost love, stolen knives, and the mysterious tower. Set on an epic map, with cycles that lasted for a season and some of the experimental rules that have been greatly refined for Revolution, Tower of Callisto is a sprawling tale. (A bit too sprawling: that's one reason why I reined in the design for Revolution.)

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