June 24, 2017

News: Amalric Harbor Opens

  1. The Merovian Review
    1. Amalric Harbor Construction Complete
    2. Large Deposits of Precious Metals Found
    3. Strange Lights Seen In Southwestern Archaeological Site At Night
    4. Flooding in the Southwest
    5. Southwestern Expedition Uncovers Fourth Sphere
    6. Professor Adjunct Missing
    7. Food Shipment To The Capital
    8. Ecclesiastical Reform

The harbor, by Vernet

The Merovian Review

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Amalric Harbor Construction Complete

The work on the newly-improved harbor in Amalric has been completed. The efforts of white-shirted laborers from the capital, brown-headed monks from the parishes, and green-hatted farmhands from the fields came together in a marvelous display of our National Spirit. A painting has been commissioned to commemorate the scene.

Now that the harbor is complete, the fishing fleet of Amalric can take full advantage of the bounties of the seas. The workforce has profited as well, both from the construction and from the new need for laborers at the docks to unload the cargoes of the many ships from across the seas. Some of those ships have brought in food shipments from as far away as the United Confederacy of Vespucia, that land across the sea.

Large Deposits of Precious Metals Found

The new science of ground sonics has revealed the location of large underground deposits of gold and silver in the mountains of the southwestern peninsula. While local flooding has been a problem, there are already plans in place to begin mining, and workers are being recruited even now.

Strange Lights Seen In Southwestern Archaeological Site At Night

No explanation has been given for the phenomenon of the strange lights reportedly seen at night at the site of the excavation of the three spheres in the south-west.

Flooding in the Southwest

The southwestern corner of the country has seen extensive local flooding from the spring runoffs from the mountains. Summer may bring relief, but the extent of the damage has yet to be surveyed.

Southwestern Expedition Uncovers Fourth Sphere

The Scientific Expedition to the Southwest has announced the discovery of a fourth sphere. No doubt this one will also be a rich source of archaeological information.

Professor Adjunct Missing

Doctor Baethke, a Professor Adjunct at the National University has been reported missing. His landlady reports that he has not returned recently, and inquiries at the University reveal that he was last seen departing on the scientific expedition to the southwest.

Food Shipment To The Capital

A group of provincial farmers have organized a food shipment to the Capital, bringing all kinds of produce that was previously in short supply. The farmers went home well paid. Between the national distribution and this new supply, the city's food shortage has been alleviated.

Ecclesiastical Reform

The Holy Seat of the Supreme Pontiff has announced that corruption in the ecclesiastical hierarchy will be weeded out and burned, branch and root. Gold shall never be held more important than the well-being of the people. Especially condemned are those bishops who are so venial that they do not deign to reside at their bishopric seat.

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