June 29, 2017

News: Storms and Education

  1. The Merovian Review
    1. Storms in Adelais
    2. Education for the Masses in Amalaric
    3. An Ancient Account of the Spheres
    4. Diplomats from Cassano
    5. The Doctrine Universal in the Republic

A storm at sea

The Merovian Review

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Storms in Adelais

The southlands have been wracked by fierce storms, causing much trouble in that region. The Adelais coast was particularly affected. There's some concern that this may have affected the mining operations when are beginning at the deposits discovered in the southwest.

Education for the Masses in Amalaric

The establishment of a university in Amalric has been well-received by the citizens there, as have the schools in the surrounding countryside. The practical instructions on agriculture and commercial mathematics have been well-attended, as our citizen farmers avail themselves of the opportunity for education. The political instruction has been effective as well: the instructions on political science have awakened a consciousness of citizenship in the great project of the Republic. Citizen Aurelie, headmistress of the new university, is to be commended.

An Ancient Account of the Spheres

An acolyte from the National Cathedral has noticed that the spheres so recently discovered in our country sound very similar to something described in the Wise Writings of Retaro, one of the oldest and almost apocryphal parts of the Doctrine Universal. There they are called, freely translated, the "rotund engines of the vivid adversary".

Diplomats from Cassano

At the start of Messidor, a delegation of diplomats from Cassano arrived in the capital. They are here to discuss the the foreign policy of the Republic.

The Doctrine Universal in the Republic

The remaining bishops in our Republic–those who have not emigrated or been removed because of corruption– have been embracing the active culture of discussion encouraged by the nature of our Republic. The philosophy and organizational structure of the Doctrine Universal seems amenable to this development, embracing the new participatory transparency, at least within our borders.

Speaking of corruption and transparency, the Holy Seat has sent the Archbishop Marcellus, formerly of the now disbanded Examination Order of the All-Seeing Eye. No doubt the Archbishop will embody the Third Precept of the Doctrine Universal: "Punish evil with righteousness and good with good."

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