June 7, 2017

News, Printed in the Capital

  1. The Merovian Review
    1. Mechanical Marvels
    2. The Debates in the National Assembly
    3. International Dispatch
    4. Princess Marguerite

A debate in the National Assembly of Callisto

The Merovian Review

All the latest, from the Capital that sets the fashion

Mechanical Marvels

New toy automated carriages were on display in the Palace of Equality today. Clever mechanical marvels are yet another of the many delightful sights in the city!

The Debates in the National Assembly

The members of the Moderate Society of Revolution have spoken at length on the need to hold a fair trial for the King. They urge the Assembly to call for his abdication and exile.

International Dispatch

The courts of Dál Riata are abuzz with rumors that the downfall of their ancient rivals in the Merovian dynasty is the perfect time to take advantage of the situation.

Princess Marguerite

The king's niece, Princess Marguerite, was not in the capital with the other royals when the king was arrested. There have been many conflicting reports as to her whereabouts, but we can now state confidently that she was at the Summer Palace near Adelais. She was last seen departing from there with a wealthy royalist from Cassano, escaping from the Revolutionaries.

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