June 23, 2017

News: Trade and Archeology

  1. The Merovian Review
    1. Commodity Trading Reports
    2. Missing Artwork
    3. A Report on the Spheres
    4. Underwater Vehicles

A stone bridge

The Merovian Review

All the latest, from the Capital that sets the fashion

Commodity Trading Reports

Gold and silver have dropped to new lows today, while lumber and stone are doing quite well in the markets. Foreign trade prospects uncertain, but expecting changes soon. Food prices remain high, particularly in the capital, though the nationalized distribution has staved off immediate starvation.

Missing Artwork

There are reports that the authorities have leads on the whereabouts of some of the artwork that went missing from the National Museum (formerly the Royal Gallery) during the immediate aftermath of the Revolution. Any citizen with further information is urged to contact the National Museum.

A Report on the Spheres

Working in pairs, laborers have removed the last extraneous stone from the large spheres discovered in the southwest. The spheres are each situated in a kind of bowl or depression, perfectly fitted, and rotate easily with the lightest touch. They make the air near them quite unusually cold. Scholars estimate, based on the markings near the bottom, that they may be Taboral artifacts, which would place their age at 5,000 years or more. The Taboral tribe, ostracized by the Manorians, came east to what is now our country, or so scholars tell us the story goes. The three known spheres are arranged in an isosceles triangle, and efforts are underway to discover if this pattern is repeated.

Underwater Vehicles

A prototype underwater vessel has reportedly been constructed, capable of traveling beneath the ocean waves.

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