July 9, 2017

News: Special Provincial Edition

  1. The Merovian Review
    1. Religious Observance
    2. Provincial Volunteers
    3. Celebrations in the Provinces

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The Merovian Review

All the latest, from the Capital that sets the fashion Special Provincial Edition

Religious Observance

With the trials of the spring and summer behind them, the parishes are still recording the faithful participation of the peasants. The observation of the Doctrine Universal, as it is practiced by the common-folk, is as strong as it ever was–perhaps even stronger. The virtue of the Righteous Acts is extolled.

Provincial Volunteers

Many local militias, trained by Albert Franshis and inspired by the local monks, have been seeking to volunteer for service in the National Army.

Celebrations in the Provinces

Across the land, celebrations were held to commemorate that the king's escape from the executioner. Many of the rural folk pinned colored ribbons to their gateposts. Processions were organized, with towns coming together and holding feasts on the estates of the emigrated nobles. The Princess Marguerite has become popularly associated with the people's love toward the monarchy, and it is her colors that are most in evidence.

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