July 5, 2017

News: Mysteries and the Military

  1. The Merovian Review
    1. Military Allotment Approved
    2. Science at a loss?
    3. Persons of Interest Wanted for Questioning

The barracks of the city guard

The Merovian Review

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Military Allotment Approved

The National Assembly approved the increased allotment of funding for the national military, including the conscription of additional soldiers from the citizenry. Our armies are now at least adequately supplied for the defense of our Republic.

Bandits in the countryside can now be firmly considered a thing of the past. Not only are the military patrols effective deterrents, but the recruitment has opened a better avenue for the members of the citizenry who are desperate or violently-inclined.

Science at a loss?

The large metal spheres so recently discovered in the southwest are baffling our best scientists. The University is refusing to make an official statement, but members of the academy who were willing to speak anonymously repeated stories of strange occurrences, a missing colleague, and otherworldly danger.

Persons of Interest Wanted for Questioning

The city guard has announced that it is seeking information about the whereabouts of persons of interest in connection with the recent unrest in the city. Anyone with information about these individuals should report it to the city guard at once.

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