June 8, 2017

News: Society and Scandal

  1. The Merovian Review
    1. Society Sightings
    2. A popular club?
    3. Fashion News
    4. A Sale of Nationalized Lands

Reading news broadsheets posted in the shopping arcade at the Palace of Equality

The Merovian Review

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Society Sightings

Contrary to their behavior previously, Professor Antonine of the University and Citizen Rupert of the Museum seem to be on the outs this week. Citizen Rupert's behavior at the docks seems to be at the root of it.

The city's laborers have organized a political club of their own. They call it the Populist Children of Equality. In between the drinking, they have loud speeches about the need for the Assembly to work toward greater equality.

Fashion News

This smart season is topsy-turvy, with so many of the nobility fled to other countries. Of course, for some individuals, that means they've decided that it's their chance to shine. And the emigrants won't be having a very grand display abroad–they've left most of their servants behind!

A Sale of Nationalized Lands

The Treasury department has drawn up plans for disposing of the lands that formerly belonged to the Pontifical churches of the Doctrine Universal, arguing that they would be put to better use by the citizens of the Republic who work them.

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