June 28, 2017

State of the Game #2

Marat's quill

As we move into Messidor, the game continues to be active, with a total of 111 letters sent. There are currently ten players, with nine of them having sent at least one letter this past week.

Communication network at the start of Messidor

Most players got exactly two letters over the past week, with a few getting more or less. Hopefully that isn't too overwhelming. On the other hand, if you'd like to get more mail, just drop me a note and I'll inform your contacts.

You've collectively managed to get quite a lot done, as we enter the mid-game. I've seen some particularly clever uses of narrative authorities. Not to mention a number of creative stories that have surprised me.

As the National Assembly draws near to a vote on some important issues, remember that any character can warn of the effects of those votes if they pass, even if your character isn't on the National Assembly themselves.

Also, if you want to invoke your narrative authority, it's much easier for both of us if you describe what happened in the past tense. You have complete authority over this stuff, you can just describe what happened and what the consequences are! No need to wait for approval from someone else.

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