June 13, 2017

State of the Game

Marat's quill

After one week (and one in-game month) the game has had 47 messages sent, and everyone has gotten at least three messages. Plus, a couple more players have joined the game. You may see some letters from them soon.

As always, the game only works because of the players, and you are all marvelously inventive. Everything you've seen in the news posts has come from you: I haven't made up any of it, beyond some slight editorializing.

If you're not a player, but would like to be (or someone you know would like to join the game) just send an email to towerofcallisto@gmail.com. There's always room for more players; the game is designed to be flexible. If you've signed up but haven't heard from me, just send an email to that same address–there was an issue earlier with some of the emails entered into the form being incorrect, so it's safer just to email the actual address.

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