July 12, 2017

The Provincial Voice

  1. The Provincial Voice
    1. Local Artwork On Display In Capital
    2. Funding For Military
    3. Early Frost In the North
    4. Citizens Celebrate The Release of the King
    5. Experiments in Food Preservation
    6. Treasury Puzzled by Large Spherical Delivery
    7. Raid in Rumi?
    8. City Guard Searching For Counterrevolutionary Ringleaders

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The Provincial Voice

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Local Artwork On Display In Capital

Some of the artwork on load from our parish in Amalric is on display in the National Museum. We applaud this display of our province's cultural achievements.

Funding For Military

The National Treasury has arranged for the increased funding for the army to be issued in assignats backed by the profitable mines in the southwest. Therefore, despite the increased conscription and our armies being better supplied, the treasury is as solvent as it ever was.

Early Frost In the North

An early frost has affected the harvests in the northern parts of the country, damaging the vineyards.

Citizens Celebrate The Release of the King

Reports from our friends in the capital tell us that after the verdict of the king's trial was announced, the streets were filled with throngs of citizens singing the Adelaisaise and waving the colors. We here in the country hare happy to hear that the king's head is safe, but we're equally concerned with the basic, kitchen-table concerns.

The food distribution, the road building, the defense against bandits: these are our practical concerns. What good is it for the Republic to scare off our noble landlords if they're just going to turn around and sell the land to the New Men? At least we have the Grange to look after our own.

Experiments in Food Preservation

The University is conducting experiments in improved food preservation. They hope to use a previously worthless metal as part of the containers, and are working out the best methods of keeping food edible for longer periods.

Treasury Puzzled by Large Spherical Delivery

Our friends working as porters at the Treasury Department report that they are baffled by the arrival of a large metallic sphere, and aren't sure what to do with the thing.

Raid in Rumi?

There are reports from the border that a Rumi magazine has been seized, and its arms and artillery taken. Accounts vary as to whether this was caused by an unauthorized expedition of our soldiers, overexcited and inebriated from the harvest festival, or by Rumi revolutionaries within the town itself.

City Guard Searching For Counterrevolutionary Ringleaders

The city guard continues its search for the ringleaders of the radical counterrevolutionary movement. Why, last month even our own Frederick Chouhomme got caught up in the sweep. They let him go soon enough, since he was only in the capital to support our king in his hour of need, but his mother did have such a fright!

If anyone has information about any they may be hiding somewhere in the city, or they might have fled to the country disguised as laborers.

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