June 26, 2017

News: Census Counts and Community Cleaning

  1. The Village Tree
    1. Archbishop to Examine Royal Evidence
    2. Local Community Helps Out
    3. Harvest Looks Promising
    4. Census Reveals Villages More Populous Than Previously Believed
    5. Column: The Tatler

A landscape by Zaragoza

The Village Tree

Sent each week to all of the villages of Callisto, providing news of events, instruction in laws, and discoveries relevant to every citizen. Available by subscription to farmers, pastoralists, landowners, rural inhabitants and friends.

Archbishop to Examine Royal Evidence

The Archbishop being sent by the Supreme Pontiff to our famed capital to weed out corruption has another mandate as well: to review the evidence presented at the Royal trial, which is proceeding even as we go to press.

Local Community Helps Out

At the behest of the resident housekeeper, the local Grange have been helping tidy up the estates that used to belong to Citizen Alexandre, making sure that everything is in good working order from top to bottom. Although the former owner is not in residence, it goes to show that our citizens can still come together.

Harvest Looks Promising

If the spring produce is any indication, the crops are doing well. Berries and carrots are much preferred to acorn mush!

Census Reveals Villages More Populous Than Previously Believed

As the tallies from the provinces come in, it is apparent just how superior the Scientific Methods of the Republic are: the estimates that the royal court had of the sizes of the villages are wide of the mark, with many villages having more mouths to feed than previously expected. No wonder the countryside was starving!

Column: The Tatler

By Cranckenthorpe (the real one)

Mme Préjean of Amalric Province has been seen with a beau these past few weeks. Is the widow contemplating a new alliance?

Our own Frederick Chouhomme was sighted in the capital of Dál Riata. What's a good country boy like him doing over there?

The country monk Alec of Orvault has been seen in Merovia. Who sent him all the way there?

Citizen Aurelie, who opened that new College of Amalric, is reportedly hard to get hold of. You shouldn't work so hard all the time, my dear.

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