June 18, 2017

News: Census, Food Distribution, and a New Harbor

  1. The Village Tree
    1. Harbor Improvements Progressing
    2. First National Census Begins
    3. Local Communities Organize Local Food Distribution
    4. Army Morale Heightened by Food Distribution

A landscape by Hubert Robert

The Village Tree

Sent each week to all of the villages of Callisto, providing news of events, instruction in laws, and discoveries relevant to every citizen. Available by subscription to farmers, pastoralists, landowners, rural inhabitants and friends.

Harbor Improvements Progressing

Many of those who are out of work in Amalric province are now employed in the project to improve Amalric's harbor, which is making significant progress. Many of them are the nephews and cousins of the humble peasant farmers, those who would otherwise be out of work. It is hoped that the newly improved harbor will be instrumental in both fishing and in importing new sources of food.

First National Census Begins

A scientific census of the entire population as begun, with each province and district compiling a list of their inhabitants. The immediate purpose of the census is to facilitate fair and equitable distribution of food to the population. A Census Department has been established (under the aegis of the Treasury Department) and the new Minister of Citizens has already appointed several Deputies.

Local Communities Organize Local Food Distribution

Even before the census-takers descended on the provinces, the local Grange have been organizing the communities and facilitating the distribution of aid. In many communities, the census itself is being run by the Grange, which will no doubt greatly speed its implementation.

Army Morale Heightened by Food Distribution

Our troops greeted the news of the national food distribution with excitement. No doubt they will fight all the harder since they know that the families they left behind won't starve in their absence.

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