May 30, 2017


  1. Welcome to Revolution of Callisto
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Welcome to Revolution of Callisto

The arrest of the king

The king is imprisoned! The Republic has been proclaimed! All are equal: no longer are there nobles or peasants. Now we are all citizens.

Everyone is participating. The palaces have been nationalized and opened to the public. The caf├ęs are abuzz with revolutionary ideas and stories of new scientific discoveries.

But not everyone is happy: the Republic is surrounded by monarchies, threatened by these new ideas. The former nobility scheme to reclaim their titles. There are even those who secretly desire a return to the Old Ways.

The Republic is a grand experiment. For the first time, our destiny is in our own hands, to shape as we will. What will we build on this foundation?

Want to join the game?

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About Callisto

Callisto is a play-by-email epistolary storytelling game that draws on both the oldest and newest forms of roleplaying. Every player gets to play a vital part in what happens.

You can read more about Calliso here.

Also available: a map of the capital city and a map of the nation.

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