July 19, 2017

News: Mayor Assassinated

  1. The Merovian Review
    1. Mayor Daunou Found Dead In City Council Chamber
    2. Sphere Being Examined at the Palace

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Mayor Daunou Found Dead In City Council Chamber

At the beginning of yesterday's weekly council meeting, Council members arrived to find an unlabeled parcel awaiting their arrival. Inside this parcel was a pair of severed hands, still bloody and bearing a signet ring. Mayor Daunou’s signet ring. Beneath the hands, was a note, written in crimson ink. 'Such is the punishment for a thief', it read. The City Guard was called for at once and immediately set out to find the missing, and presumably handless, Mayor.

They found him in less than an hour. He was on the balcony, overlooking the whole of the city. His hands were missing, of course. His body was strapped to a wooden post, set upright amidst a pile of burning logs. He was clad in naught but flesh and a fresh brand upon his chest.

The words "We Will Rise Again" were writ upon him in crimson, still hot from the iron. It was clear from his slackened jaw and eyeless face that he was already dead. City officials believe this to be the work of those loyal to the former King. No word has been given on any impending investigations.

We at the Merovian Review would like to say farewell to Mayor Aymeric Daunou, and wish his Daughter and Son the very best in this trying time. Any citizens who wish to attend the Mayor's funeral or aid his Son and unwed Daughter, please consult His Excellency, Bishop Remy of Merovia.

Sphere Being Examined at the Palace

One of the spheres that have been so frequently mentioned in the news has arrived at the palace, where it has been undergoing examination. Though many citizens have expressed interest in seeing it in person, so far it has not been on public display.

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