July 20, 2017

News: Spheres and Services

  1. The Village Tree
    1. Local Parishes Share in Rationing and Bounty
    2. Sphere Missing
    3. Local Beliefs About the Spheres

The demolition of a cathedral

The Village Tree

Sent each week to all of the villages of Callisto, providing news of events, instruction in laws, and discoveries relevant to every citizen. Available by subscription to farmers, pastoralists, landowners, rural inhabitants and friends.

Local Parishes Share in Rationing and Bounty

It's not only the villagers and farmers who have looked forward to the bounty of the fall harvest: the priests and monks in the provinces have been glad of the relief as well. Throughout the lean times, the local parishes have been sharing what little they had with the populace. With the now ample food supply, the bread distribution at the local parishes has ceased, but the services are still well attended.

Sphere Missing

The Treasury Department is making inquiries as to the whereabouts of one of the metallic spheres, which has apparently gone missing. Not only is there no sign of it, the wagons and crew transporting it seem to have vanished as well.

Local Beliefs About the Spheres

While our scientists may be baffled by the discovery of the large metallic spheres, the provincial villages have been spreading a traditional legend and applying it to them. Apparently, the symbology of the great sphere and its location hearken back to an archaic pantheon of varying chaotic or indifferent gods. These "Great Old Ones" were large non-humanoids from different realms and viewed humanity as playthings. The myth portends that such large symbols where used to mark the dominion of certain Old God and warn others to stay away. The provincial priests have been at pains to dismiss these stories as obvious falsehoods.

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