June 22, 2017

News: Paintings and Progress

  1. The Merovian Review
    1. Scientific Wonders
    2. A Painting of the Revolutionary Heroes
    3. Military Training For City Guard
    4. Crown Loyalists Threaten Prisons

A card sharp in the capital

The Merovian Review

All the latest, from the Capital that sets the fashion

Scientific Wonders

Many inventions can be found in the capital these days, though some are less finished than others: a rope that doesn't retain water, plans for ships that sail underwater, muskets that do not need to be packed with powder before shooting. There are even some crackpots who think that humans may achieve flight!

A Painting of the Revolutionary Heroes

A new painting was unveiled to the public today. It has the the benefactors of the revolution holding open the palace doors to the public so that they can govern the people in peace, not in tyranny. In the foreground, General Dominique Cervoni is accepting a white flag as truce, offered by the head of the public commission, prior to entering the Palace.

Military Training For City Guard

The Merovia city guard is being put on a new professional standing via the training they are receiving through the National Military Academy.

Crown Loyalists Threaten Prisons

The guard forces at the prisons have been doubled, in fear of the threat posed by potential loyalists to the monarchy.

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