July 1, 2017

News: Princesses and Martyrs

  1. The Merovian Review
    1. Fewer Bandits in the Country
    2. Full Field Forecasts Fuel Famine Fears
    3. Moderate Society of Revolution Pushes Clemency
    4. Princess Marguerite Gains Support
    5. Diplomats Arrive From Cassano
    6. Society Column

The Trial of the King

The Merovian Review

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Fewer Bandits in the Country

Between the training of the village militia by Albert Franshis from the National Military Academy and the reassignment of soldiers who were formerly keeping the peace in the capital city, fewer problems with bandits have been reported of late. With more work in the fields and docks and fewer deserters from the army, the life of a bivouacking brigadier is looking less attractive. Soon we'll be able to venture back out into the country again without constantly fearing for purse and person.

Full Field Forecasts Fuel Famine Fears

While the harvest forecasts are bright and sunny, there is a cloud on the horizon: preserving it long enough to eat. Food preservation has always been a constant concern of the country-folk, but with food-stocks that are already precarious the problem is how to preserve the surplus in enough quantity to weather the next famine.

Moderate Society of Revolution Pushes Clemency

The Moderate Society of Revolution has been winning friends in the National Assembly with their new plans to avoid turning the former king into a Royalist martyr. They fear that an execution would lead to a swell of support for the counter-revolutionaries and royalists. For the moment, the Moderate Society of Revolution has the support of both the moderates and the royalist-sympathizers in the capital, putting their political power on a firm foundation.

Princess Marguerite Gains Support

The Princess Marguerite has become a very popular figure in the countryside, due to her efforts to provide food during the worst of the famine. Her household stamp was on many a delivery of much-needed food, and many of the peasants have taken to wearing the ribbons of her colors. Her actions mean that the royal family has remained popular despite the trial.

The actions of the speculators and entrepreneurs who bought of the estates of the former nobility–those the country folk have taken to calling the New Men–have proved unpopular, and many in the countryside blame the revolutionaries for the problems they have endured.

Diplomats Arrive From Cassano

The diplomats from Cassano have taken up residence in the upper floors of City Hall. They will be meeting with representatives from the city and the National Assembly in a secure location.

Society Column

By The Original Cranckenthorpe

Mme Préjean, formerly of the capital and of late of Amalric Province, and Minet, educated at the National University, celebrated their wedding this week. Their entertainments are expected to be delightful, and word has it that they have laid in an extensive supply of the best coffee.

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