June 12, 2017

News: Society and Scandal

  1. The Merovian Review
    1. International News: Cassano Denies Involvement with Princess
    2. Schools Reopen
    3. Revolutionaries Call for an End to the Regime
    4. Food Distribution Scheme Proposed
    5. A Homily
    6. An Art Exhibit

The National Museum from above

The Merovian Review

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International News: Cassano Denies Involvement with Princess

In an official statement, Assanbrugh, the Ambassador of Cassano, has said that the flight of Princess Marguerite was solely a personal matter effected by an individual of some social standing. The flight was not acknowledged or aided by the government. Cassano's unofficial position of support for the Republic of Equality remains intact.

Schools Reopen

Not even a revolution can stop the education of our population. The schools are reopening, full of students who are ready to learn.

Revolutionaries Call for an End to the Regime

The Moderate Society of Revolution has publicly begun to agree that the time of the monarchy is over. We shall see where this debate leads.

Food Distribution Scheme Proposed

In the National Assembly, a proposal has been put forward to distribute food into all corners of the country, regardless of people's political allegiances. It will take considerable organization to pull off. A new, modernized infrastructure for a new modern Republic.

A Homily

"The Doctrine Universal explicitly supports the idea of getting involved into society; everyone should be able to act according to his Façon in order to advance this society. One can master working at a field, which others write masterfully and the third manage masterfully."

An Art Exhibit

The painting "The Martyrdom of the Saint" by Poussin is on display at the National Museum this week for the first time. It is on loan from a small parish in rural Amalric. Only a special dispensation of the Supreme Pontiff allowed it to be put on display for us in the Capital.

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