June 6, 2017

News, Read Aloud in the Villages

  1. The Village Tree
    1. A dispatch from Amalric
    2. Educational Corner: Aeronautics
    3. Seasonal Celebrations
    4. Educational Corner: The Touch of Evil
    5. Fish!
    6. A Lesson in Economics
    7. Seeing with sound?
    8. Stock Report

A country aqueduct

The Village Tree

Sent each week to all of the villages of Callisto, providing news of events, instruction in laws, and discoveries relevant to every citizen. Available by subscription to farmers, pastoralists, landowners, rural inhabitants and friends.

A dispatch from Amalric

We hear that the peasants in the province of Amalric are starving, reduced to eating nothing but acorns and turnips. Complaints about rents and taxes are heard frequently. The hard clay soil of Amalric is difficult to work, and the recent crop failures have caused much suffering.

Educational Corner: Aeronautics

Professor Jean-Pierre of the University in Merovia has shared with us a plan for enabling human flight. We shall believe it when we see it, professor!

Seasonal Celebrations

The rural villages are preparing for the upcoming Vivificia Festival, a time of rebirth. It is sure to lift the hearts of those who are suffering!

Educational Corner: The Touch of Evil

A terrible leprous disease: those who suffer from it are sent to the Colony of the Touched on the Island of Yeu, where a religious colony tends to them.


The docks of Adelais are busy these days, as the fishing boats bring in their catches from the well-stocked fishing shoals.

A Lesson in Economics

By our consulting financial genius

When food is scarce but coins are plentiful, we can say that the coins have been devalued, and more coins buy less food. In other cities, with more food but fewer coins, the same coins might buy more food.

Seeing with sound?

Experiments at the University have demonstrated that it may be possible to use sound to see what is in the very ground beneath our feet. Truly, we live in an age of unparalleled wonders!

Stock Report

By our consulting financial genius

Lumber mills and stone quarries are projected to increase in value.

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